History of Buddhist Temples in Obama

History of Obama and the Buddhist Faith

Obama was once part of Wakasa Province, one of sixty-eight administrative divisions of Japan under the system that was used until 1868. For many centuries, Wakasa was a miketsukuni (“food province”), designated as a provider of foodstuffs to the imperial court of Nara and then Kyoto. Obama was also an important seaport that served as a gateway for trade and cultural exchange with the Asian mainland, attracting numerous visitors by land and sea. As a result, the city gained a reputation for its beautiful scenery and delicious food.
  • The Town of Obama Overlooking the Bay
  • Seated wooden statue of Yakushi Nyorai (Medicine Buddha) at Myotsu-ji Temple, designated an Important Cultural Property
  • A village surrounded by mountains, as seen from Myotsu-ji Temple